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Hi Kasondra,
    I'm assuming the book numbering is off because the stripper was unable
to properly catch on to what should be page one. I'm assuming if too many
page numbers are missing the stripper just starts at one with the beginning
of the file.
    Jim, this brings up an important concern as well. Having a copy that has
not been stripped may make it possible to see what page numbers the file did
have to begin with. They might be speratic, or just a few missing, but
enough to throw off the stripper into giving incorrect numbers. In
particular, pages with a single number, ie. 1-9 tend often not to scan.

Could we also have a look into the HTML conversion? Often times, the page
number will appear in the middle of a paragraph. If the software could
insert a line break before and after the number, the format would be better

Thanks and best wishes,
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> I use the dazy player I got with my subscription to read Bookshare books.
> also convert them into HTML, so that I can make my computer read
> continuously if I am working in the kitchen or something.  Eventually I
> would like a book port or something like that.  I also wouldn't mind
> Kurzweil and a Braille display.  However, I work with what I have, and I
> thankful for what I have.  I read the dazy files, and I often find a
> contradiction between the page in the book I am on and the page the file
> telling me.  This is sometimes because the tags in the file are numbered
> from page 1 and don't always account for the un-numbered material at the
> front of most books.  Sometimes the front pages of a book are numbered in
> Roman numerals, and the dazy tags are off that way.  It really frustrated
> when we read Harry Potter.  My husband read the print, and sometimes he
> couldn't figure out where I really was.  These are just my thoughts.
> Kasondra Payne
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