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Thanks for the information.  I think I will still cut the pages out because
I cannot be certain that it was scanned correctly and Kurzweil is just not
reading it or if it scanned garbled.  I showed the book to someone sighted
and they said it was written in Japanese.

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> Is the poem actually written in Japanese characters, or is it Japanese
> written with the roman alphabet?  I ask because my synthesizer tends to
> crash or go completely nuts when encountering strange characters, so
> them in a file I was going to read would probably mean synthesizer death.
> :-)  What I am saying is that if someone found a way to retain those
> characters they better only have them on a separate page, and they need to
> warn readers that it is coming, so the reader can attempt to skip that
> and avoid technological trouble.
> When I scanned something with Chinese characters a while ago I didn't set
> Kurzweil to recognize them because I thought it would be nothing but
> trouble, so I just got garbage like verticle bars and carets and things
> that.  I would say that that would make it obvious that the characters
> didn't scan, and should be deleted.  In my book it really didn't matter
> though, because the words were shown in symbols, written phonetically, and
> translated, so the reader only missed seeing what the characters looked
> like, which a blind person would miss anyway.
> By the way, you can download a Japanese synthesizer if you would like one.
> It just isn't likely to work with JAWS.  It is SAPI so it would work with
> anything that can send it the characters correctly, so maybe Kurzweil
> use it, since it does allow you to install Fine Reader Engine support for
> scanning several East Asian languages, and i don't know why someone would
> scan something they couldn't read.
> Sarah Van Oosterwijck
> curious entity at earthlink dot net

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