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Hope you're doing well.

I'd like to suggest that bookshare keep unreadable foreign language material
intact within books as we cannot determine what technology will be available
in the future.  Who know, the next release of JAWS and/or Window-Eyes may
include a Japanese synthesizer. ... Oh, all right, that's a rather
far-fetched wish, but you get my drift.  I'd like to see all material intact
in all books.


Pratik Patel
Managing Director
CUNYAssistive Technology Services
The City University of New York
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Sorry all I'm fresh out of defnitive answers, how about a hedged one
instead? (smile).

Sharon, the Japanese stuff will not come through in the downloadable
version. However, if it's only a small portion of the book, I think you
could justifiably submit the book anyway, while noting in both the long
synopsis and the comments field that there are two poems that will be
unreadable. I'd also invite you to cut the poems out of the submission and
insert notes explaining the situation.


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Thanks.  Maybe he'll know (smile).
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> Sharon,
> I forwarded your message to Jesse for a definitive answer. I have no idea!
> <grin>
> Kellie

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