[bksvol-discuss] Re: Questions that have surely been answered

  • From: Valerie Maples <vlmaples@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 18:58:34 -0600

Hi, Cindy Lou!

I can speak for the twenty or so titles HOLD FOR VALERIE.  I shipped Jamie 
Yates over 40 antiquarian books I had bought and want to proof.  I do not read 
books to  check out, only proof.  Because I am a sighted dyslexic, I can spend 
time confirming period spelling and unusual punctuation which is common in 
these books, as well as correcting a higher rate of scannos and paragraphing 
problems.  Jamie suddenly had more time on her hands since her local library 
was flooded and shut for several months, so she began working on my piles of 
books all at once instead of mixed in among other titles.  

I am sorry I am slow right now, but I am a sole caregiver to my husband who is 
a quadriplegic (Doug is also a volunteer) and Nichole, our daughter, who has 
severe CP and is not recovering well from a spinal fusion over 2 months ago.  
On top of that, Doug's dad died last week and his mom is in failing health.  
Volunteering is my bright spot, so I hope you and others can forgive me for 
wanting to fuss over the books I worked so hard to collect to add to the 
Bookshare collection.

Hope lots of people join us in chat tonight, 8 central in the Blind Cool Tech 
Chat room!


Please pray for and follow Nichole's recovery:


On Jan 22, 2011, at 12:22 PM, Cindy Ray wrote:

> So, here are my questions. First of all, it makes sense that you can check 
> out a book for two weeks and then must check it back in or re-check it out, 
> but why can books be held for so long? I found one that has been held for 
> about 14 or 15 months, and I can't currently remember the name, but I think 
> it has to do with the Story of Ireland. Are people reminded that they have 
> holds there? Why can they have so many held for them? A good 25% of the 410 
> books are holds for, and if you don't really know what you want, searching is 
> an activity that, frankly, nearly made me decide to not ever volunteer here 
> anymore. Why isn't there a hold for list that has only these books and people 
> could go there and find the books they couldn't live without proofreading? 
> Hope y'all don't think these are tacky questions, but they do set me to 
> wondering. I've just downloaded "Longing: Stories of Racial Healing."
> Cindy Lou

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