[bksvol-discuss] Questions that have surely been answered

  • From: Cindy Ray <cindyray@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 12:22:50 -0600

Hi, List,

I haven't been here for a while now. I had come back last summer and soon after 
lost my E-mail address. I never found it so got a new one. LOL.

So, here are my questions. First of all, it makes sense that you can check out 
a book for two weeks and then must check it back in or re-check it out, but why 
can books be held for so long? I found one that has been held for about 14 or 
15 months, and I can't currently remember the name, but I think it has to do 
with the Story of Ireland. Are people reminded that they have holds there? Why 
can they have so many held for them? A good 25% of the 410 books are holds for, 
and if you don't really know what you want, searching is an activity that, 
frankly, nearly made me decide to not ever volunteer here anymore. Why isn't 
there a hold for list that has only these books and people could go there and 
find the books they couldn't live without proofreading? 

Hope y'all don't think these are tacky questions, but they do set me to 
wondering. I've just downloaded "Longing: Stories of Racial Healing."

Cindy Lou

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