[bksvol-discuss] Re: Questions about brackets, Braille translation, and multiple spaces between words

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Thanks for this, Jake. That's what I thought, and same goes with the tabs as
well (I did a Find/Replace on them with a single space before uploading the
book), and I also remove headers/footers (leaving page numbers intact), so
that I don't have to worry about what the stripper will do with them.
However, I'm still wondering whether this stripping of multiple, consecutive
spaces in to one happens only on the headers/footers or throughout the
entire book? The original point which brought up my question was that
someone had mentioned a book on the site with multiple spaces between words.
I thought, as you confirmed, however, that all multiple spaces were
converted to one, so this confused me because I thought that, given the
conversion process as you describe it below, such a thing was impossible.
Therefore, I'm asking whether the space reduction happens only in specific
places in the book, or throughout the entire file? If the latter (i.e., the
entire file), did this conversion behavior begin happening only recently, so
that a book processed before it took effect could possibly still have
multiple spaces within it? I hope this doesn't sound too confusing, <smile>,
and thanks for the info/assistance.

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Pratik et al,


According to previous discussions on this list. 


BookShare tools DO, I repeat DO reduce multiple spaces to a single space. I
believe it's a biproduct of the XML conversion, just as the removal of tabs,
no one thought to specially code them into place.


Multiple spaces reduce to a single space

Tabs are removed and replaced with nothing.


In the case of the latter you may be wise to run a find/replace with tab to
space before upload.


With the former, I'm not sure if the extra spaces are reduced before or
after the stripper so it may or it may not matter that there are different
numbers of spaces in the header/footer.



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