[bksvol-discuss] Re: Questions about brackets, Braille translation, and multiple spaces between words

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Hi Jared,

Please tell me if we're thinking of different symbols here, but if I may say
so, I do believe that the symbols I described are indeed Literary Braille
(i.e., Grade 2 Braille) symbols. Just to be on the safe side, in case I was
making an error, I just looked this up in my Nemeth reference manual, and in
the Nemeth Code, an opening square bracket (we're discussing the square
kind) is represented by dot 4, dots 1-2-3-5-6, while a closing square
bracket is represented by dot 4, dots 2-3-4-5-6. I, on the other hand, was
describing the square brackets as being produced with dot 6, dots 2-3-5-6
(opening) and dots 2-3-5-6, dot 3 (closing), so as you can see, these are
two, quite different dot combinations. I have also seen Scientific Notebook
produce square brackets in the manner which I described for Nemeth, but that
is because it translates the entire document in to Nemeth (unless the
transcriber dictates otherwise), but when Duxbury itself has been
translating only in to Grade 2 Braille, I've seen the brackets produced in
the manner which I described for literary Braille. Now, as I said in the
beginning of my message, I believe we may be thinking of different symbols.
It sounds like you may be thinking of left and right braces (curly symbols
used in math when denoting, for instance, a set of elements, and produced on
the keyboard with SHIFT+LeftBracket and SHIFT+RightBracket), in which case
there isn't, as far as I know, a Grade 2 equivalent for these symbols, but
in Nemeth, they're produced just like the square brackets with the exception
that dots 4-6 are used in place of dot 4. If you were indeed thinking of the
braces or some other symbol other than the square type brackets, then this
is entirely my fault for not being clear, and I apologize. Please let me
know if we  were originally/are now on the same page with this.

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The issue of brackets is, well, a bit convolluted to be sure. I'd say for
guaranteed success in all circumstances, use parentheses. They're close
enough and are far more consistent from translator to translator. While some
applications utilize them in grade two settings, the Braille symbols you
cited for brackets are actually part of Nemith code, which isn't applicable
for most of Bookshare's material. I don't have a definitive answer, but I
can suggest that you fall back on parentheses, as they're more consistent
all around and, from my vantage point, don't have any offsetting




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