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You need to decolomnize. Braille displays read line by line, not column by 
column. So when reading the braille version of a Bookshare book, you would have 
to read the first line of the first column, the first line of the second 
column, then the second line of the first column, and then the second line of 
the second column, etc. I don't read Daisy versions, but I suspect that voice 
readers would encounter the same problem.


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  Hi Tracey, I think that columns are ok to have, just from having asked 
before, once myself. Like indexes are almost always in columns and I'm pretty 
sure the answer was it's ok to leave them as a column.

  But if you want to get rid of the columns in word here is what you do:

  Ctrl-H for the replace box

  type in ^n (that's the shift-6 and lowercase n)
  type in ^p (for a hard return)
  and alt-a to replace them all

  Hope that helps.

  Jamie in Michigan 
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