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I don't know how DAISY navigation works, I only know about how typical ebooks work. Often when the navigation says go to beginning, it doesn't actually go to the first page, but goes to the title page. Thus, when you first open the book, you are at the first page and can read everything before the title page if there is anything, but if you are somewhere in the book and go back to beginning you go to the title page and have to page back to check on something earlier. Come to think of it, I probably go to the table of contents much more often than to the beginning of the book.


On 1/11/2012 6:34 PM, Mayrie ReNae wrote:
Hi Judy,
You can just zip really quickly from heading to heading, or navigation point to navigation point with a daisy reader. It doesn't slow things down to have more things enlarged and bolded. But I sure see your point about looking for the title page containing title, author, and publisher. But it is quick to navigate from one navigational point to the next on most daisy readers. It's the matter of one press of a button to go from one point to the next most of the time.
Does that help?

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I've got a new question now, after reading the various answers in the thread on font sizes and the title page. smile.

What happens with DAISY navigation when there are multiple pages in the front of a book where the title appears as a title-type page, and we make the title 20 points in size on every one of those pages? I don't use the DAISY navigation myself when reading a book currently, as I use the XML file.

But, it would seem to me, though, that making the title 20 points in multiple places kind of defeats the purpose of having a distinct title page in regards to navigation? Or doesn't it matter when you're using the DAISY navigation, and it's easy to zip through from point to point even with multiple 20 point font title pages?

Is what I'm trying to ask making any sense? I'm not being contrarian (honest! grin). I'm just trying to understand what works best for the navigation for you guys who can't use the visual cues that I rely on to navigate through a book. smile.

Judy s.

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