[bksvol-discuss] Question about whether it is better to have submitter read through the entire book to check for periods or comment about there non-existence in the comments section; new years wishes.

  • From: "Jess Killian" <17razz@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2009 02:11:59 -0500


     I just finished reading Daphne.  Through out the book, I found
that the periods of peoples titles would be left off.  For instance,
instead of "Mrs." It would be "Mrs".  I feel this is a scanner error.
I would, however, like to check with the submitter.  Before I do, do
you think it would be better for me to have the submitter go through
the entire book looking for every instance, or would it be best for me
to note the missing periods in the comments section of the submission

     Happy new year to all of you.  I hope it is full of good books to
read and easy ones to scan.



Jessica Killian

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