[bksvol-discuss] Question about scanning short story collections

  • From: "Rik James" <d28rik@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 11:52:10 -0600

I have a question about scanning short story collections. Perhaps someone
has already addressed this, and if so I apologize for the repetition.

When I read using speech, sometimes I don't know when one story ends and the
the other begins.   This maybe just reflects me as a poor reader.  But what
happens is that speech just moves right on through of course and says the
story title and blazes on in with the next story.   

I am scanning a new collection of author Thomas McGuane now.  I was
surprisied to find that there were none of his titles in the Bookshare
collection, which I may take on to address sometime in the future.  

But I just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on how the issue could be
addressed I mentioned.  Is there something a person could put in there?  We
have discussed putting the word "chapter" in front of chapter numbers when
none is in the text.  Would it be acceptable to insert some sort of text?
Of course I guess if it is Daisy format, and the headings are set up right,
you could navigate to the next story.  But I was just wondering.


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