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I'll have to see what I can find then
It's time I give up the Christian ones for sure time to change gears.

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  I am sure that there are many many educational books that do not have 

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  [bksvol-discuss] Question about educational and children's books  
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  Are there any books either children's or education that fall under this grant 
that don't have pictures in them.I'd hate to try and do a book, if it had
  pictures in  it that I couldn't see.If there are such books, I'd be  
interested in knowing if a totally blind person can scan such books.That is why 
  stayed  away from things like that.For a blind person, they'd have to have a 
book without all those things.Cause a lot of us don't have a team, so there
  would be no way for like me to scan such material.  

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