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Can these little bubbles be seen? I mean, is there a way to tell if this has 
happened? And, if it has happened, is there anything that can be done about it?
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  I think it depends on the scanner. Many newer scanners, like the OpticBook 
and newer Epsons and Canons,  aren't really glass. They're Plexiglas, and it's 
porous. Those scanners shouldn't be cleaned with any liquid because the 
moisture will get trapped inside the Plexiglas and will create little bubbles 
that will distort your scans. This is true of modern laptop screens, monitors, 
and TVs too.

  These scanners' instruction manuals say to clean them by wiping the scanning 
area with a soft, static-free, lint-free cloth. You can either buy these at a 
computer store, or you can make your own from an old pair of cotton underwear 
or an old, white cotton T-shirt. 

  Monica Willyard
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