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Not only that theren was another book that was a P.Q book and it had a lot of 
split words like disapear in it it had dis apear and that is just one example. 
I wrote support about it. It was Karen Kingsbury's book that was put up about 
two days ago. My wife and Robin made me aware of it.
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  Hi All,

  I am reading The Simple Truth by David Baldacci.  The copy I am reading is 
publlisher quality and the submitter is listed as bookshare staff.  (There is 
another copy submitted in 2002).  Well, this copy has no page breaks or page 
numbers in the BRF file.  The quality of the text is really good.  

  Now what I am wondering is this:  If one of us submitted a book with no page 
breaks (horror of horrors) and no page numbers, the book woould be rejected.  
So why is it permissible for bookshare staff to submit books without page 
numbers/breaks?  I must say that the quality of the book as far as being free 
of scannos, is very excellent.

  I hope I'm not stirring up a hornet's nest.  (smile)  

  Sue S., who has been there, done that.  (smile)

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