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Hi all,

Now Roger, I agree that nothing should be censored but I think that there is some material that needs to have a warning label on it. As has been said before, if you can find it on a book shelf in an open aisle in a store, it's probably not Adult Content. However, some books which have explicit descriptions of aberrant sex, violence, and are considered to be soft porn, should be labeled as Adult Content. Some LGBT lit might be labeled Adult content, not because I have anything against the LGBT community, but because kids under say sixteen, depending on the kid, probably have no understanding of or interest in such things. I do understand that the restriction can be lifted for a given child if a teacher or parent agrees. this, I feel is a good thing because it implies that the child will be reading the book under supervision. This is necessary for some material, I think. I'm not saying kids shouldn't read such stuff, but that they should do so with the knowledge of an adult who can explain, discuss, and answer questions about a given book.

I don't thing there are too many books in the Bookshare collection which would be considered Adult Content. This is, of course a subjective categorization. If 'twere me, I'd be very careful as to what I labeled as Adult Content. If in doubt, check with us. Some of us have been reading a good, long time, and are familiar with many authors.

As Tom Lehr said, "To be smut it must be ut-terly without redeeming social importance ..."

Ann P.

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