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Let me check my copy. I already sent the book back.
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  I am proofing Reason and Riots by Stephen Bly, which is a beautifully scanned 
book, but I have a question concerning page 64.  Right at the bottom of page 
64, there is either a part of a sentence missing or a line.  It reads:

  the door clicked shut, Culburtt turned back to her. "Miss Jolie, where do I 
begin?" He closed his


  man. That's all I ever wanted to be. I like to

  (The page ends there, and takes up with the rest of the sentence on page 65.  
There is nothing missing on page 65.

  Robert Tweedy, since you scanned the book, so are most likely either to still 
have it or to be able to get it, would you please check and see whether it is a 
printer's error or just something that didn't pick up? If you wish, you can 
contact me off list at

  kathyruth@xxxxxxxxxx .


  Thank you very much.


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