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In Kurzweil, if I use control-1 to select everything in a file and then go to the font menu and set the font for the whole document, won't that mess up the chapter headings being in a font larger than the text?


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Hi Bob!

Yes, you can do this in Kurzweil. In the edit menu is a "format" thingy in the list. If you hit enter on that, you will see font and paragraph as you arrow up and down. If you select the text that you want to change the font of, just follow the prompts in the "font" dialogue. Do you know how to select text? For example if you want to select the chapter title, say it is "Crazy Woman Gives Strange Instructions, Place your cursor just before the first letter on the line, press shift plus end and your text is now selected. Then whatever you tell the font dialogue to do, it will do to the selected text.

There are other ways to do this, but I can never remember the simpler ones. I've got a crummy memory and am menu-dependent.

Good luck! and ask if my Sunday morning never-enough-coffee brain has befuddled you.



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I have a book that generally has decent fonts.

However, the first part of the chapter headings are in times new roman 16 points, and the chapter names are in times new roman 62 points. As I understand the new program's actions, this will create a bookmark 1 at the chapter title, and a subbook mark at the chapter name.

What I'd like to do is set everything in the book to times new roman 12-point. Then go in and manually manipulate the chapter headings and names.

I could probably do this in word with some references to it's god-awful help system. But my question is: can I do this in Kurzweil v10? If so, how?

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