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Thank you Mayrie!

Yes, that does help.  That helps me to know what to look for.  I did have a 
couple of pages with completely unintelligible garbage (one had just “fb”, or 
something like it).  I did look in my hardcopy of the book to try to figure out 
what was scanned, but I must have either confused myself (known to happen 
*grin*) or I skipped it intending to come back to it later and then forgot.

In any case, now I know what to be on the alert for.

Thank you again!

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Hi Denise,

It sounds to me like the title page that staff is talking about is the first 
title page (many books have two). The first title page contains title, author, 
and publisher only.  Generally, the second title page only contains the title 
of the book, and nothing else.

So, I'd say not to move the title page that you have on page ten.  I assume 
that at this point, before you've made any changes, that page 7 is blank.  On 
that page, just type the title of the book, bold it, and enlarge it to 20 point 
font.  Then type the author and below that the publisher.

In most cases, the copyright page is on the flipside of the actual title page 
containing title, author, and publisher.

And after those two pages are often acknowledgements, dedication, maybe a blank 
page, and possibly a page containing just the title of the book.

You shouldn't ever need to reorder pages.  It sounds like the title page of 
your book didn't scan clearly enough to give you recognizable text.  This is 
very very common as publishers seem to think that fancy fonts are desirable on 
title pages and OCR chokes on them.

Hope some of that ramble helps!


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Hi all,

I have a simple question.  I submitted a book I proofread and it came back to 
me needing a title page.  The note indicated it should be on page 7.  It does 
already have a title page on page 10 right before the page where Chapter One 

So, the question is:  Is there a particular order in which the Front matter 
needs to be in?

I plan to move the title page, of course, to page 7, but I just want to make 
sure I understand for future proofreading.


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