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The actual problem in regard to this question has been cleared up. Nonetheless I feel compelled to put in my few cents worth.

The "Real Title Page" almost always is right before the copyright page (but not absolutely always). Many times the title and author's name on this page are in very large and elaborate lettering so OCR makes a hash of it. I've even seen books with the title page spread over two facing pages. I've seen as many as three pages with the title on them, the first page of the book, usually just the title, but sometimes the title and author, then blank pages or review blurbs or lists of other books by the author, then finally the "Real Title Page" with the title, author and publisher (though not necessarily in that order), then the copyright page, followed by blank pages or dedications or acknowledgements and so on, then another page with just the book title (or infrequently title and author), and finally the actual text of the book.

In the past, I have bolded and 20 pointed all title pages, but lately I've been doing 20 point bold only for the "Real Title Page."

I'm sure that is more than anyone wanted to actually read, but I'm sitting here hoping my new scanner will arrive while I eat lunch and probably like nervous gabbling only in the form of typing email.


On 1/11/2012 12:09 PM, Mayrie ReNae wrote:
Hi Valerie,
All I have to say is:

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We are both the same neurotic, deranged perfectionists, Mayrie! same intent on message delivered minutes apart. LOL

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Hi Judy,
I treat the page with title, author, and publisher on it as the title page. But because I'm slightly neurotic, I bold and enlarge all instances of the title of the book before the actual text of the book begins. Maybe that's overkill, and might confuse. But I thought I was covering my butt and being more thorough this way.

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