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After a few tries, I figured out how to make the O with a forward slash through 
it.  Hold down the control key and hit the forward slash (/) key.  Then release 
both keys and type o (for a little o) or shift o (for a capital O).  The O will 
have a slash through it.  Doesn't work for the other 4 vowels.  I added the 
slash-O to my list of accent marks, which are in a .doc file that I've attached 
to this email, in case anyone is interested in it.

My question is:  does anyone know how to make a macron appear above letters?  I 
haven't been able to figure that out yet.

Thanks, Carrie

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I'm nearly finished validating this book in which most of the
 characters are 
Norwegian, or at least Scandinavian. A couple of the names start with
 an O 
which has a diagonal line running through it from lower left to upper
Does anyone know what that is and how to replicate it on the keyboard? 
Apparently, it does change the pronunciation of the name, because I
 have the 
NLS version and it is not pronounced O, as in Olvira, but more like
though not exactly. Hearing it pronounced, I would have said it sounds 
something like an umlaut, but it doesn't look like one in print.

Thanks for any info.


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