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Ok I'm sorry. It was still quite early for me when I responded to your last
note, and just rereading your note now again I see you've already said that
you're using WordPad. WordPad does not have a "zoom" feature the way normal
Word does, but the setting you probably want to change is the word-wrap.
After opening the document you're editing, go into the "view" menu with alt
V, and then arrow down to "options" and push enter. Or, the options shortcut
is o. The first control in this window is a radio box. First make a mental
note of which setting it is currently on in case you want to change it back,
but then arrow down so that the setting is changed to "ruler". Now tab to
the "ok" button and push space bar.
This should set your words to display correctly based on your margin
settings. But however, since the book you are editing was originally
something scanned, your margins may be set a little funky. You may or may
not have to adjust them. Typically after I scan a book I admitably do not
touch the margin settings at all. If changing this word-wrap setting does
not affect your viewing of the file well enough, you can go back into the
view options again with alt V then O and change the word wrap to "window"
but really I think "Ruler" is the best setting you'll need and should solve
your problem.

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> Hi Kellie,
> Wordpad claims it saves my work but when I open the file again the changes
> are gone.  As for the kinds of changes I try to make, my margins do not
> compatible with what I am working on.  Sometimes I just see part of a word
> at the end of the line, and when I go  to the next line and then ress left
> arrow, it goes back up and gets the rest of the word.
> What is really bad is that sometimes at the left margin all of the word is
> not there.  In one instance the woord was grandfather and the first 3
> letters were just not there.  I woould like to be able to correct things
> like that.  And I am not sure how to replace a word with errors with the
> same word without errors.  It seems to upset the margins, and then that
> upsets me.  (smile)
> I used to have a typing job and would like to be the kind of validator who
> corrects obvious mistakes if I know what should be there.

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