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I'm glad you did the right thing.  We hear about this much less than we used 
to, believe it or not.  Other people must be doing exactly what you're doing.  
The job needs to be done and needs to be done the way you've done it.
Good job.

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  Today I checked out a book that had been on the checkout list for a number of 
months.  Three or so people had checked out this book and released it.
  When I looked at the book I saw it had a number of styles.  Per an email from 
Misha (excuse spelling) that I had kept I removed styles.  Then I changed 
section breaks to page breaks.
  Then I found that the book had very few page numbers and that those numbers 
did not line up at all with the number of pages between the numbered pages.  
There was no way to determine where page breaks really should occur and where 
to make the appropriate number of page numbers to align the material on the 
appropriate pages.
  Finally, I rejected the book.
  Now, I really would prefer not to reject a book, but sometimes it is really 
necessary to do so and part of our volunteer responsibility to do so.
  I can't really understand why I am the first person who checked out the book 
who was willing to reject it.  I'm not hard-hearted, but there was no way to 
get the book in the necessary shape to add it to the collection.

  Feeling like an ogre,
  Lori C.

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