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Hi all,

Nimit, it is necessary to have headings on every chapter. This is because the headings are converted into the DAISY elements that allow for navigation in a book. Therefore, the headings must match the criteria in the manual, i.e. title at 20, large sections at 18, chapters at 16 and subsections at 14.

To accomplish this you need to select the text and then go to the home ribbon in Word and adjust the font size there. Also, you need to bold the headings by doing a ctrl-b after you select the text.

You cannot have some chapters with headings and some chapters without. This is a very important part of proofing, and it cannot be ignored or skimpt. In proofing novels, it may not be as important, though being able to go from chapter to chapter instantaneously is a boon. However, in nonfiction books, it is a necessity.

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