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Sarah, unless I am not understanding Shelley's question, the answer I gave
her is based on my own recent experiences with K100. I just did this
yesterday with  book I am validating.  Take care!


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> Shelley, you aren't missing anything. It is the people responding to your
> messages that are missing something.  Sorry to those people I mean no
> offense, but the answer isn't that simple, or any computer user would have
> figured out the solution.
> I also wish I knew how to copy and paste in the braille notes find box,
> I am afraid it's designers were kind of dumb and forgot to make that
> possible.  If that isn't the case the manual sure hasn't enlightened me.
> have an older version than you have, though, so maybe something has been
> done about it now.  I would suggest making all other corrections on the
> braille note and then fixing that little problem on your computer where
> pasting into the find box is easy.  The only other choice you have is to
> look through the unicode tables on the braille note for that character,
> in my experience that approach works only about half the time with very
> strange characters.
> Sarah Van Oosterwijck
> curious entity at earthlink dot net
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> > Jana, probably a stupid question, but how do I copy the "double ending
> > Quotation mark" symbol into the  search box?  Or is there a command,
> > puts it there automatically.  Sort of on a need to know basis with my
> > technology, have enough of it to keep track of.
> >
> > But, I must be missing something.  Thanks.
> >
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