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Hi, Shelley!  Yes, a global replace should get rid of them.  The double
quote is Shift Apostrophe.  Just type that into the Replace With box.  Hope
this helps!


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> I am validating a book, where the font must have been a bit fancy.  As
> well.... every " mark is labeled as a Double Ending Quotation Mark.  Now,
> does look very odd in the Braille, on my Braillenote.  it looks like a ch
> sign, plus a 35, 35.  Anyway, what should I do, should I edit them and
> change them.  Is there a way to do a Global replace for them, as I don't
> suspect they are anywhere else in this book, and if that is the case, how
> I get the Double Ending Quotation Mark in the search box?  As I haven't
> figured out that one yet.  I am using a Braillenote QT.
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