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RE: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Publisher Quality BRFHi Pavi,

As a matter of fact, Lisa Friendly saw that post and already posted a reply. 
I guess you are behind in your mail!  <smile>

Sue S.

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Hi Sue,

Thanks for this posting on the trouble with the BRF files. I will definitely 
pass it on to the staff here.

Any time any of the volunteers have a concern/suggestion/problem that they 
would like to have someone from Bookshare address directly please feel free 
to email me directly at pavi.m@xxxxxxxxxxxx and I will do my best to put you 
in touch with the relevant person/information.

All good things,
Pavi Mehta

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Hi Folks,

In the publisher quality BRF files, quotes and apostrophes translate into
junk characters.  I am posting to the list, because I do not know which
staff member should be notified of this problem.  Perhaps the appropriate
person will see this posting.

I didn't download the Daisy format, so do not know how they are.

Sue S.

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