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I know you're right that the book has been submitted by the publisher. Whether 
or not it's in electronic format I don't know. It's true that it does not have 
to be validated, but people who have downloaded some of those books have found 
extraneous characters and, in some cases, no page numbers--possibly no page 
breaks, but that I can't remember. The bookshare staff supposedly is fixing up 
the books before adding them to the collection--I think. Unfortunately, I think 
they're replacing books that volunteers have already scanned and validated in 
some cases, and in those cases they are not better. I keep hoping that they 
won't replace them but will sit alongside them in the collection. Public 
libraries have more than one copy of a book; why can't bookshare? We do have a 
list of books donated by HarperCollins so people can check that list and not 
scan or validate a book on that list, but I think some are being donated by 
Random House. I must ask.


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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Publisher Quality
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> Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 8:52 PM
> I am just curious about this one. What does publisher
> quality mean? If I  may 
> guess I would think that the book is submitted by the
> publisher in  
> electronic format and so it does not have to be  validated.
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