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Dear Roger Amy and Booksharian Friends,

The PQ books are transferred to Bookshare electronically and aren't hard copy 
book donations so no scanning or validating is involved. I believe what we get 
from them is their choice. It's wonderful that bookshare is hanging on to 
duplicates already in the collection done by volunteers. For example, in 
children's books, many have descriptions of the illustrations which won't be in 
the PQ books, or in adult books the format has been tweaked by volunteers so it 
will appear correctly in braille. Both Pq and Volunteer prepared books are of 
value. The fact that some publishers donate electronic files of their books is 
the best ever vote of confidence in Bookshare's integrity from the world of 
book production. 

Always with love,

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  Is it really necessary to scan publisher donated books. Publishers have 
almost all of their books in electronic format any more and that is transmitted 
to their printing presses saving on a lot of labor. It seems to me that if a 
publisher were to donate books to Bookshare then they should be able to 
transfer them directly to Bookshare electronically. In a message dated 8/1/2008 
9:03:01 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, agoldringtajalli@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

             If Random House is donating books, especially Modern Library 
editions, please think of me when it is time to scan.  Modern Library editions 
include some of the best translations of classics which may be in Bookshare but 
with other, less definitive, translations.  Same is true with some of Penguin 
Classics. I had hoped to scan some of those specifically because of the 
translations and the notes therewith. 


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            > If Random House is also donating books. That's great, but it 
would be 
            > helpful to get a list of books so that we don't duplicate work. 
It takes 
            > time and effort to get a book scanned and validated. 
            > *** 
            > Grace 
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            > >I know you're right that the book has been submitted by the 
            > >Whether or not it's in electronic format I don't know. It's true 
that it 
            > >does not have to be validated, but people who have downloaded 
some of those 
            > >books have found extraneous characters and, in some cases, no 
            > >numbers--possibly no page breaks, but that I can't remember. The 
            > >staff supposedly is fixing up the books before adding them to 
            > >collection--I think. Unfortunately, I think they're replacing 
books that 
            > >volunteers have already scanned and validated in some cases, and 
in those 
            > >cases they are not better. I keep hoping that they won't replace 
them but 
            > >will sit alongside them in the collection. Public libraries have 
more than 
            > >one copy of a book; why can't bookshare? We do have a list of 
books donated 
            > >by HarperCollins so people can check that list and not scan or 
validate a 
            > >book on that list, but I think some are being donated by Random 
House. I 
            > >must ask. 
            > > 
            > > Cindy 
            > > 
            > > 
            > > --- On Wed, 7/30/08, Rogerbailey81@xxxxxxx wrote: 
            > > 
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            > >> I am just curious about this one. What does publisher 
            > >> quality mean? If I may 
            > >> guess I would think that the book is submitted by the 
            > >> publisher in 
            > >> electronic format and so it does not have to be validated. 
            > >> 
            > >> 
            > >> 
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