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Hi, Cindy. If a chapter title is centered, that wouldn't have any effect on
our ability to read them. It sounds like you're doing fine, so don't worry
about it. *smile* Take care.
Julie Morales
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-When I first read this thread I thought people were talking about the
running chapter headings,
which I thought we *wanted* stripped, as well as the book title headings.
However, if we're talking
about the chapter title that appears at the beginning of the chapter:  I
keep the page number on the
top line, in brackets if it doesn't appear in the book. (Assuming they've
been on the top line and not
the bottom).  Then I skip one or two spaces and put the chapter title,
trying to duplicate its
appearance in the book, i.e., use italics or bold or caps. If there is a
chapter number above the title I
put that first, then skip a line or two before the chapter title. Also,
lately I've been centering the
chapter title, but I'm having second thoughts. Does this make it more
difficult for blind readers?

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