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I believe that doing what you suggest would *ensure* that the chapter titles
were removed by the stripper, not a desirable result.  The stripper would
think it was an ordinary header, and nuke it.
I would really like to get an answer from Peter or someone on this question.
I was under the impression that putting several blank lines before the
chapter header would protect it, but experience shows that doesn't always
work, either.
At 11:20 PM 7/21/04 -0400, you wrote:
>I just moved the chapter headings onto the first line and made sure there
>was a blank line between the chapters headings and the text like the page
>numbers.  Make sure that the entire heading is on line one.
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>> Will this be an effective way to protect chapter headings from the
>> if I put several blank lines between the Chapter headings and the top of
>> page.  Or should i do something else to protect the chapters.
>> Thanks for the help.
>> In one book they are just Numbers, while in two of them I am editing they
>> are actual chapter titles and numbers, which would really cause a problem
>> they are stripped.  Thanks.
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