[bksvol-discuss] Proposing the Creation of a Validation Starter Kit

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  • Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 19:23:38 -0400

Hi all,

My name is Cindy, and I'm a new validator to the Bookshare site.  In working
on my first submission, I find myself in almost total terror that I'm going
to miss something crucial or even minor errors.  I know that all of the
human scanners are very conscientious and clean up a lot of errors
themselves, but I feel that it is my place as the validator to perform this
job.  I started thinking, what would help someone like myself, and would
like to propose the following for discussion:

A Validation Getting Started Packet

In my mind I see this packet being a zip file containing:
1) a 1-page document with information such as:
A) A pointer to the excellent archive of the class Louise gave on validating

B) A brief explanation of the purpose of the kit
C) A summary of what is contained within the starter kit

2) A 10 to 20 page portion of a book which has already been scanned and
marked as excellent.  However, for this purpose these pages would be changed
to contain errors such as:
A) A missing page
B) Section break to be replace with a page break
C) Some of the common scanning and OCR errors that are already documented
D) Several spelling errors
At the front of this test document, it would clearly state that these errors
have been placed within the pages purposely and through no fault of the
original person who scanned the document.

3) A document listing the errors within the test document and how to correct

4) A clean copy of the 10-20 pages

5) A copy of the Common Scanning and OCR errors document which already

6) A copy of the Bookshare Volunteer Manual

7) A document containing steps on how to correct common issues, for example,
laying out the steps for replacing a section break with a page break, how to
replace em dashes with double dashes, etc.   (I've started my own list from
discussions in this list file as well as from Louise's class and would ask
for input from all of the volunteers for the information they feel should go
into this document)

Since I am the one making the proposal, I would be glad to do the work.

What I'm asking the people on the list, both validators and scanners alike,
1) Do you feel that such a packet would be helpful to others?

2) Would you personally have used such a tool if it existed when you started

3) Finally, if the consensus is that the packet might be helpful, a pointer
to whom I should go to for final approval.

Thank you in advance for reading, and I look forward to all opinions, both
pro and con. Also for any other suggestions that any of you might have.

Best Regards,
Cindy Warford

PS: I am on vacation this week and am on dial up, so may not be able to
respond quickly, but I will respond as soon as I am able.
"Success is loving life and daring to live it".
- Maya Angelou

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