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Hi Sandi,
The idea that I have is totally clunky, but I wonder: If you scan a few
pages of a book, recognizing in the native format of your scanning software,
then select all of the document and then copy and paste that text into Word,
saving as an rtf document, what happens?  Are paragraph marks accurate then?
Could you, in theory, scan a book and then select, copy, and paste it into
Word then save the whole thing as an rtf document, and have a representation
that is accurate?
I know it's clunky, but would/does that work, do you think?  Would that
create more problems?
Just wondering.  Please ignore the idea if it's way too cumbersome.


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Hi James,
Since I'm the person writing lots of questions on this topic previously,
here's what I've learned:
If you get no paragraphs, try a different format.  For example, for me,
scanning directly into DOC format for Word removes all paragraph marks.
Scanning in RTF puts a paragraph mark at the end of each line, even when I'm
not retaining exact view. This means I have to go through by line and strip
unnecessary paragraph marks, but it makes the paragraphs a bit more obvious
than having everything run together.
What scanning software are you using?  I'm using OpenBook 8.0, and I've not
yet found the answer.  My best answer so far, if you're a blind person, is
to find a proofreader with some vision willing to check formatting,
especially paragraphing, for you, and then make your best guess with
paragraphs before sending it to them.  This is a lot more work for a blind
scanner, since we can only guess--or make even more work by scanning and
then using an Optacon or something to find paragraphs, but I love scanning,
and have become part of a team that works well for me.
I have come to the conclusion that the issue, at least for me, is a setting
in either OpenBook or Word that adds paragraph marks when converting to RTF
or strips them when converting to DOC.  I haven't tried using ARK or OBX
formats for scanning, because the problem isn't in scanning the book, so far
as I can tell, but in converting it to a format I want to use for correcting
and sending to Bookshare.
Anyway, I don't know if this will help, but it's my latest knowledge.

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Hi Mayrie,

Even if it's my best guess?






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Hi Jim,


Yes, often OCR runs paragraphs together.  Please insert paragraph marks
where they belong.







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I'm getting back into proofing after a very long absence. 


First question: Should I put in paragraph breaks if it looks like the scan
jammed everything together? It seems obvious from context that paragraphs
are run together.






Jim Homme,

Usability Services,

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