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Rick is no longer with us. Just upload the book. No need to indicate that it is held for anyone. Carrie will get to it whenever she does, either sooner or later.

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I see I have thoroughly confused everyone. As a new proofreader, I had to change the titles to "Hold for Rick..." I was asking if I had to continue doing that (using Carrie's or someone else's name); or just upload the book without changing the title to the above way.

Hope that's clearer. Tim

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Hi Tim,

If you checked out the book from the checkout page, and
proofread it, then you need not put any hold on it at all. You'll go to
the page marked "my checked out books" and choose the link that is for
uploading your book.

If you are submitting a book that you have scanned, there is
no need to put a hold on it either unless someone has asked to proofread it for
you. Even if you scan a book and do all of the proofreading steps before
uploading the book, it still needs to be taken care of by a proofreader before
being approved to the collection.

I hope all of that wasn't too confusing and answered your


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Hi Everyone,

I have a proofed book ready to check in. Should I put a hold on it for
Carrie, someone else, or no one at all?
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