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I know what you mean, Shelley. I'm almost finished with Desiree and then I'll 
do the dog pictures and  if 
no one's done the two children's books you asked for I'll do those. Tiffany, I 
just checked and now I've 
moved up to #290 on the waiting lst for the Nora Roberts book. And then there's 
Magnolia Jungle,which, 
according to the card catalog is relatively short, i.e., somewhere in the 
200-250 page range I think. When 
did books start getting to be so big and heavy? And why, I wonder. Do people 
want more for their money? 
(Rhetorical question  - grin)


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> You can still validate it when I get it done have some other books waiting 
> in line first.
> Always have projects that are only half done, sigh.
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