[bksvol-discuss] Problem with BrailleNote and RTF file

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Hi all,
I just got a BrailleNote mPower about a week and a half ago, and I love it!
I wanted to use it for validating this weekend while I was sitting getting
my hair trimmed and so forth.  I transferred the RTF file to my compact
flash card.  When I go into Word Processing and open the file I get these
"Do you want to review options?"

I've answered "yes" and it has translate to Braille set to "no".  I've also
answered the question with "no".  Then I get
"This is a text file, computer Braille is required"
That makes sense, but when the file loads all that I have in it are a dollar
sign and the letters L G E with no spaces in between.  So, it looks like:

It doesn't see anything else in the document.  I've looked through the
BrailleNote archives and it sounds like this should work.  The archives do
say that the mPower won't handle files created in Word 2007, and that files
over 400 pages can freeze the system.  This book is between 300-400 pages.
I can exit the document and so forth so I don't think the system is

I can open the file fine on the computer, and I've tried erasing it from the
BrailleNote and transferring again but get the same results.  What am I
doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Cindy 4

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