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The filename appears to be fine.  You can remove the F1 if you wish, but it
shouldn't be causing a problem.
According to the error message, there's something wrong with the rich text
commands which are embedded in the file along with the text.  The thing to
do is save it using software from a different company, like you're doing.
Try saving it with K-1000 again, then saving it in Word, like you just did.
If that doesn't fix it, then if you have other software which handles RTF
files which isn't made by KESI or Microsoft, say possibly OpenBook or Word
Perfect, then you can try saving the file with that software.
If all else fails, then you can pull up the file in Word, change the Page
Breaks (^m) to a text string like {page break}, then convert to TXT, back to
RTF, and change the string back to a Page Break.  That will clear out all of
the rich text commands, including the one(s) which are causing the error.
The problem with this is that you will lose all of the text attributes like
centering, bold, italic, font size changes, etc., so I would only do this as
a last resort.  Also, on the occasions when I've had to do this, I've tried
to put the attributes back as best as I could.


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I am getting a Not a Valid RTF file when trying to upload Half Moon Street
by Anne Perry. This is a book I validated originally and had no problem
uploading. It was returned to step 1 with the question as to whether half
moon was one or two words. I have tried the MS Word routine of space,
backspace, save twice to no avail. The file reads C:\validated books\Half
Moon Streetf1.rtf. Is the f1 causing the problem; what should I do. This
book was validated using Kurzweil with the MS Word routine done before
attempting to upload. Jake, Gerald, I'm depending on you to come to my

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