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Hi, Mayrie;

It says it handles HTML and the subfolder of one of Doug's books says HTML type, so maybe there is hope. they are trying to figure out ways to read when we travel in the motor home. Wink. Of course, if Apple comes out with a tablet, that would be even better!


On 10 28, 2009, at 12:24 AM, Mayrie ReNae wrote:

Hi Valerie,

I don't know, but kind of doubt that the Kindle will handle bookshare files. If daisy or opf files are not in the list of file types that the Kindle will
handle, you have your answer.  Oh, maybe you could put the xml file on
there. I just don't know. Maybe it will. I'd say just check the list of file types that the kindle will handle against the files in a bookshare file
and see.

Sorry I'm not more helpful with this.


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Do Bookshare files run on a Kindle?

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