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Rain Dogs

Gary McMahon

It is raining.
Guy Renford is fresh out of prison. His life is in ruins; he is estranged from 
his wife and daughter. So he returns to the Yorkshire town of Stonegrave to try 
and recover what he once held dear. But a presence is watching from behind the 
endless rainstorm, something that wants revenge and has not come alone.
.and still it rains.
Rosie sees ghosts, and has done since childhood. These sorrowful visions of 
drowned schoolgirls are linked to a past she fled to America to escape. But you 
can never run from your destiny, and something is calling Rosie back to rainy 
Stonegrave, the home of her worst nightmares.
.and rains.
Slowly the lives of these two people are drawn together in a town cut off by 
floods, and at the height of the storm they will be forced to battle a 
relentless foe that uses the deluge as cover, stalking them from within a 
merciless onslaught of rain.


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