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  • Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 15:56:28 -0800

hmm. If it's the same person taking your books (and perhaps others'?  Maybe
that person can be blocked from taking books from the checkout queue; we
can be blocked from taking more than our limit of 5 (darn) so it should be

On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 3:37 PM, Valerie Maples <vlmaples@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Hey, Netta!
> Join the club!  Mine are swiped regularly. I try to hope people get
> confused with their screen reader and when they hear the title,
> accidentally  hit the check out button, thinking it is like to get a sample
> or the synopsis.  Often people tell me when they see they have made a
> mistake, they hit cancel, but that only cancel's its transmission to their
> machine; the book is still in their queue.  They then need to go to the "My
> Checked Out Books" page and release the book.
> In the mean time, go to the history page, click on the name of the person
> who checked it out and it will generate an email and you can in that email,
> cc Madeleine, politely naming the book, asking for them to go to their "My
> Checked Out Books" page and release the book.  I try to be polite and
> remind them that a hold should be respected and that there are many reasons
> why a person may not be able to get their books quickly.
> Hope this helps!
> Valerie
> www.caringbridge.org/visit/nicholemaples
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> Hey guys;
> A book that I submitted with a hold on it has been stolen. I mean really
> people...what do you think the title "Hold for...." means? GEESH!!! The
> person probably is not on this list as I haven't "seen" his name before but
> I mean really...
> Netta
> "Just because you are blind does not mean you lack vision"-Stevie Wonder

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