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I agree.  I have never poached a book, and I actually had a proofread contact 
me when she saw I had a book but released it because I would not get to it for 
some time.  At least the poacher could contact the hold for and ask if they 
minded if they proofed the book.  

Reggie and Brooks

On Dec 16, 2012, at 10:06 AM, Tim Syfert <goodproofing2010@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> You're right. Blocking should be for a person who has done it before or won't 
> release a book, as you said. I'm already "bigger than they". I've never 
> poached a book. I respect the "hold for" titles.
> Tim
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> Hi all,
> Tim, not sure that blocking somebody who takes a held book is good, not 
> unless he or she has done so before or refuses to release the book.  You 
> gotta temper justice with mercy.  I know that poachers are aggravating, but 
> let's be bigger than they.  Whatcha think?
> Ann P.
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