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I love mine.
I got it from Amazon last year.
When I checked, they had a couple different models.

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  Hi Denise,

  I have this scanner, and love it!  It is both accurate and has a book edge.  
You can scan one or two pages at a time.  I wouldn't buy anything else.  But 
that's just my opinion. They were never widely available, but could always be 
found on the internet to buy.  If I needed to invest in a scanner, this is the 
one I'd buy. 


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  I'm not familiar with this scanner. Is it one that's really accurate or does 
it have a book edge? I'm wondering what it is about it that folks know about 
it. I found it interesting a few months ago when I went looking for scanners. 
People don't carry them much any more. Seems folks are gravitating to the all 
in one printer/scanners.

  DeniseAt 01:15 PM 10/20/2009, you wrote:

    I have one but it needs a power cord for it, somehow it got misplaced so 
you will get that from Plustek otherwise it works, had it for a year. We have 
three others around here therefore don't need it.

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      If someone has one of these they're willing to sell, please contact me if 
nobody else wants it.



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