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Amen and with kurzweil too.
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  I would just  like to jump in and say what on incredible scanner the 
OpticBook 3600 is!  I got a used one on eBay and the support from Plustek is 
amazing!  Well worth the investment even if you have to buy new.  I have two 
decent scanners, but with all the very old and oversized library books I scan, 
this makes life infinitely easier, not to mention faster.  I have gained a ton 
in productivity and ease of use.  A must have for any serious scanner, IMHO.  
Works beautifully with FineReader Pro.


  Take care!



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  I have one but it needs a power cord for it, somehow it got misplaced so you 
will get that from Plustek otherwise it works, had it for a year. We have three 
others around here therefore don't need it.

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    If someone has one of these they're willing to sell, please contact me if 
nobody else wants it.



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