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I have only had mine a week, so I am far from an authority.  I have scanned
six books, though (5 HC, 1 PB) with no issues.  I had a wonderful
conversation with Michael Neumann at Plustek before buying this one used,
though, and was pleased to hear they have a $100 refurbish/repair for units
out of warranty.  Between that and SquareTrade (2 years for under $27)), I
feel pretty comfortable.  I am truly enjoying the speed, accuracy, and
book-edge feature.


Take care!



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Thanks for the info everyone. I'm curious though. I've looked it up on the
internet and some of the reviews have been quite poor. Several said the lamp
died on them after 200 or 300 scans. Others said it works well for hard
cover books, but it doesn't work well at all for paper backs. Have any of
you experienced these issues?

At 02:10 PM 10/20/2009, you wrote:

Hi Denise,
I have this scanner, and love it!  It is both accurate and has a book edge.
You can scan one or two pages at a time.  I wouldn't buy anything else.  But
that's just my opinion. They were never widely available, but could always
be found on the internet to buy.  If I needed to invest in a scanner, this
is the one I'd buy. 


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I'm not familiar with this scanner. Is it one that's really accurate or does
it have a book edge? I'm wondering what it is about it that folks know about
it. I found it interesting a few months ago when I went looking for
scanners. People don't carry them much any more. Seems folks are gravitating
to the all in one printer/scanners.

DeniseAt 01:15 PM 10/20/2009, you wrote:

I have one but it needs a power cord for it, somehow it got misplaced so you
will get that from Plustek otherwise it works, had it for a year. We have
three others around here therefore don't need it. 

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If someone has one of these they're willing to sell, please contact me if
nobody else wants it. 




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