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  • From: Laura Ann <agapetouchmassage@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2008 00:06:12 -0600

I have had to contact Plustec about the opticbook 3600 scanner at least 4 to 5 times in the past month. I have been stuck with the same tech support person each time...I believe his name is George. The first call he would ask to put me on hold then take personal calls on his cell phone after just laying the phone down. He would carry on entire personal conversations very loudly....then come back on like I have been on hold and hadn't heard the whole conversation.

My scanner lamp stays on constantly unless you turn off the scanner completely when not using the scanner. The quality of the scans I was getting has been leaving out words and distorting other works like Tm for I'm
die for the. and many more issues.
I would have numerous probelms on every page.
I know this is not what should be happening.
Many of you use the opticbook 3600 scanner and K1000 v 11 and get beautiful results.

I have optimized in K1000 and worked with the brightness settings.
I have used the scanner with more than one computer as well.

When I contacted the teck support about the lamp and having probelms with accuracy with scans the plustec tech support man was very condescending.

He told me I had the wrong drivers and directed me to download the corperate drivers.
This ended up causing lots of problems.
I was finally able to get the correct drivers and get them installed but still had the probelm with the lamp staying on constantly.

The tech support person same man his name is George, was extremely rude again....he makes comments under his breath about adaptive technology and that it is a waste of money.
and how we should be using plustec's products and wouldn't have these issues.
Many of you know plustec software is very inaccessible for blind users..

I have had to contact him back and forth and can't seem to get anyone else to take my calls. I emailed a request for tech support and got a response from the same man but part of the message was missing.
He then called and left me a message on how to turn on the lamp for my scanner.
My problem was the lamp staying on.
He can't seem to comprehend that.
He doesn't listen and is very rude and hateful.
When I explained it again he sarcastically said "why didn't you say that to begin with"

I then explained the errors of missing words when scanning a book and he makes more sarcastic remarks. such as oh well that would have been helpful to know at the first why didn't you mention it.
I had told him that.

I requested to be able to return the scanner and recieve a new one since mine is under 90 days old. He told me I would have to scan the invoice and email it to and he gave the email address.
He then put me on hold to speak with his supervisor.

I spoke with her and she told me they would replace the scanner with a used one or work on mine. I told her how the tech support man had treated me and she breezed right over it and was short and insistant they do not replace defective scanners that are new with anything but used scanners or fix the broken one and that I needed an RMA to ship back and george would give it to me. She told me I would attach a copy of the invoice with the form he would email me and ship it to them.

She transferred me back to tech support and George.
He came on the line with a very impatient voice saying I can't give you an RMA until you email me a scanned copy of the invoice. I told him the office manager had said he would give me the RMA and I would attach the invoice.

He told me he wouldn't give me an RMA until I emailed him proof I owned the scanner.

I used a firm tone of voice and told him the scanner won't scan the invoice that is why I am contacting you.

He hung up on me.

I just wanted to share about Plustec's tech support.
I thought since they have such a demeaning attitude toward blind users and adaptive software you would all want to know.
He is belittling toward women as well and very very rude.
I don't know what happened to customer service but plustec does not offer quality customer service.

I do like the scanner and it is fast.
I love my K1000 its an excellent product.

I however am not at all impressed with Plustec's tech support.

I will continue to try to get the scanner lamp and brightness settings to work.

I am concerned with the phone contact I have had that if I did mail them my current scanner I might get more trouble in what they send me.

Oh and early in communication the Tech support man George said that if I return this scanner due to the lamp staying on I would most likely get one that had a faulty condenser for the lamp and then it wouldn't come on at all. I ask if he was saying the new scanners came out of the box broken and he replied yes....that they had problems and I should just keep what I have.

Thank you for listening.
I don't know how else to make a difference here so thought I would post to the list and let other blind users know how plustech treats us.
Be ware if you have to contact them.
If your scanner works great its a wonderful product.
Just ope it never needs warnty work.

Laura Ann

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