[bksvol-discuss] Re: Please rescue this book! (Christian book)

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If people are using software such as OpenBook or Kurzweil, then it is not up to 
Bookshare to teach them how to use it. The software has manuals and, in my 
experience, fairly intuitive menus. But if that's not so, there are plenty of 
people using lots of various software who can help with it and who are 
subscribed to the list. I shouldn't think that they ought to be in the business 
of teaching us how to use the software. 

Cindy Lou Ray

Cindy Lou Ray. Each day is a new adventure.
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  Is there anywhere in the submit manual a description of how to convert a file 
to RTF? I have wondered if these people submitting in other than RTF formats 
just don't know how to convert. Jill
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    Hi, Misha. According to the Bookshare staff, Bookshare's server runs on a 
flavor of UNIX. They do not have a file converter that can process ark, kes, 
and wyn files when they come in. Files are simply zipped upon receipt and are 
placed in the step 1 area. For these reasons, I'm in favor of making rtf the 
only format for submitting books. Alas, the answer to that suggestion has been 
no. A girl can still hope though. (smile)

    Monica Willyard

    Misha wrote: 
      I've only been volunteering for a few months, but I've wondered why the 
bookshare staff couldn't make the conversion.  If rtf is their preferred 
format, why not allow submitting in kes and ark, but they would convert those 
to rtf before putting them on step 1 (or do submitted files automatically 
appear on step 1 immediately? 



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