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Hi all,

I have begun scanning another medieval mystery series, The Hawkenlye
Mysteries by Alys Clare.
The titles are:

1. Fortune Like the Moon 

2. Ashes of the Elements 
3. The Tavern in the Morning 

4. The Chatter of the Maidens 

5. The Faithful Dead 

6. A Dark Night Hidden 

7. Whiter Than the Lily 

8. Girl in a Red Tunic 

9. Heart of Ice 

10. The Enchanter's Forest 

11. The Paths of the Air 

12. Joys of My Life 

13. The Rose of The World 

Description from the back of the first book, Fortune Like The Moon:
When a young nun from Hawkenlye Abbey is discovered in a nearby vale with
her throat cut, the people of Tonbridge are quick to jump to conclusions.
This brutal murder must be the work of some felon released by King Richard
Plantagenet in an attempt to impress his new subjects with his charity.
Richard sends his emissary, Josse d'Aquin, to investigate the gruesome
death, with the unspoken order to absolve the king from blame.
Josse, a brave and loyal ex-soldier, discovers an intelligent ally in Abbess
Helewise of Hawkenlye: level-headed and pragmatic, she rarely misses a
trick. Combining their talents, Josse and the Abbess peel back the orderly
facade of life in rural Kent, to discover the menace lurking beneath.

If anyone is interested in proofing any of these titles let me know...


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