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  • Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 16:28:56 -0400

This is a long list, so you are forewarned.

Ella Enchanted
Afraid to Ride
Beowulf the Guide Dog
Bonsai Art and Craft
Emma and Company
Awesome Chesapeake
Biblical Ethics and Homosexuality
A Long Way to Chicago
The Black Stallion Challenged
Black Stallion and Flame
Black Stallion Mystery
Island Stallion Races
Horse who swam Away
Horse Tamer
Man O'War
Thor the Great Dane Ghosts of Pennsylvania
Ghosts of the Great Lakes
Ghost Stories of New Orleans
The Teacher's Night before Christmas
Let's Team Up
Better IEPs
Teacher's little book of inspiration.
Time for Art
Orientation to a new area with a Guide Dog team
Chip the Guide Dog.
Inside Edition
September Twelth
The Stinky Cheese Man and other Stupid Tales
Getting In TTouch Understanding your Canine's personality

I also have a ton of books in progress and will be adding them slowly to the

These I borrowed and are scanned but not cleaned up yet, and is only a
partial list.  Most of the stuff I do, I can kind of predict  it isn't being

But a list of in progress stuff is still handy, especially considering
waiting for validations of like fifteen books of mine still.

Shelley L. Rhodes and Judson, guiding golden

"The life of the arts, far from
being an interruption, a distraction,
in the life of a nation, is close to
the center of a nation's purpose - and
is a test of the quality of a nation's

 ~ John F. Kennedy

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