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  • Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 15:54:16 -0500

Dear Booksharians,

Is anyone interested in teaming with me on a cookbook called Classic American Pies: Ready Crust? It has 58 pages of recipes and a 2 page index.

Here are the chapters followed by the names of a couple sample recipes.
1. Family Favorites * * * Butterscotch Meringue pie, fudge brownie pie, Shaker Lemon Pie, Apricot Chiffon Pie, Cherry Crunch Pie, Rocky Road Pie

2. Quick n'Easy * * * creamy coconut pie, Mississippi mud pie, quick key lime pie, quick blueberry cream pie, s'more pie, easy frozen strawberry pie

3. Cheesecakes Classics * * * cappuccino cheesecake, tropical cheesecake, raspberry chocolate cheesecake,

4. Regional Selections * * * settler's sour cream raisin pie, macadamia nut pie, apple praline pie, San Fernando Grape parfait pie, Pennsylvania Dutch Shoofly pie, Georgia Peach Almond pie, Pacific Country apple pie, Florida orange blossom pie, New Orleans French Quarter Pie, Virginia Peanut Brittle pie,

5. Celebration Pies * * * Eggnog Praline Pie, Million $$$ pie, Pina Colada pie, Black Russian pie, Grasshopper pie, frost on the pumpkin pie, Apple mince pie

In trying to give a fair representation of the kinds of pies in each chapter, I included several kinds of pies I wouldn't eat for money or to win prizes on Fear Factor!

Scanning this book might be a challenge. Two recipes each on its own column are on most text pages, but the print is clear, not swirly or fan cy and the margins are regular. There's also a thick horizontal, black line above the recipe's name. There are some whole page illustrations, and some illustrations below recipes which are surrounded by white background, not text.

The pages are about seven by ten inches, and the book is spiral bound making it easy to ly flat and to scan one page at a time if that helps with more complicated formats.

I'd mail you a copy of the cookbook which you could keep. I have a second copy I would use to validate if you'd put hold for Lissi in the title or contact me when you were ready to upload.

The print is clear enough, that I could sort out the scanning jumbles that are bound to occur in scanning a book like this. I could also write in just the important bits from captions, for example, the Recipe for Cinderella Pumpkin Tarts tells you to put a glob of whipped topping on top, but in the illustration, they added candy corn for a pretty garnish. I'd make a note of that.

While I enjoy baking cakes, pies and drop and bar cookies, I'd rather not make pastry crust. I like it that the pies in this book use crusts like Keebler Ready Chocolate flavored crust. I figure any ready made pastry, graham cracker, Orio or whatever, crust would work.

Here are some examples of the pie recipes.
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