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The Los Angeles Public library charges for books requested from other than 
branches within the system.
The San Diego County library system is wonderful!! They are part of what is 
called Circuit, which means we can get books from any other member of the 
circuit; this includes the San Diego city library and the university and state 
colleges and community colleges within the county, as well as the other 
branches of the county library. The truly amazing and wonderful thing, though 
is LINK. So many public libraries within California are members of LINK. I've 
requested, and gotten free, books from libraries  in northern California cities 
and counties. Maybe you could be a catalyst and see if someone could arrange a 
similar link for your state (Are you n PA now?

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>I only used interlibrary loan once and there was no mention of a fee. I was 
>told that if they had to go out of state for it I would be charged for 
>shipping, but they found what I was looking for in state.
>On 1/25/2012 10:35 PM, Shelley L. Rhodes wrote: 
>Hi everyone, 
>>I am just curious. 
>>How many of you have a fee or a charge or a requested donation associated 
>>with Interlibrary loans? 
>>For many years ours were free, and we could borrow items from across the 
>>state.  But this year with budgets being cut, we are now, only allowed 5 free 
>>ones a year, and then the rest are a $3.00 donation per item, which I 
>>consider fair, and told the librarian that when she was talking to me about 
>>it.  I use the service a lot, I will readily admit. 
>>But I was just wondering.  Is Pennsylvania catching up to other states in 
>>Shelley L. Rhodes, M.A. CVRT
>>and Ludden black Labrador Guide Dog. 
>>In a library we are surrounded by many hundreds of dear friends imprisoned by 
>>an enchanter in paper and leathern boxes. -Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer and 
>>philosopher (1803-1882) 

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