[bksvol-discuss] Party Anyone?

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  • Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 08:15:52 -0500

Hi Guys and Gals,

When we closed the Harry Potter party several months ago, the last comment I
heard was:  "This was Fun! Let's do it again!!

The upcoming new year celebration seems to be a perfect time for all
Bookshare volunteers, members, and friends to get together in our Community
Room. If you agree, I am sure we can make it happen on the eve of the new

Several have already volunteered to help with the program and  virtual
refreshments. If you haven't contacted me directly yet and would like to be
a part of the event, please write me off list and let me know your ideas for
things we can do. For example:  Do you play a musical instrument? Do you
sing? Do you have favorite recipes for yummy New Year treats? Do you have a
game or two we could play? Do you have some great CDs of stories or music
you'd like to share?

Send your ideas directly to me  at:


Please include the word "Party" in the subject of your post.

Don't delay. If I receive enough responses, I promise a party will occur.


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